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J.S., Staff Writer

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If you watch the news or follow social media topics, most likely you have heard about the threatening clown sightings across The U.S and now even Canada. At first there were only a couple sightings of strange clown sightings but there was no harm involved, only concern from parents for the safety of their children and loved ones. As the media started releasing more information on these sightings the number of clowns have increased and the issue has become more serious.

So far not many people have been injured or killed. There are a few articles that claim a number of victims were killed by clowns, however those articles were proved to be nothing but a faux. Many schools across the country are releasing students to go home early due to the clown threats. There are many videos all over the internet showing the victims running away from these creepy people dressed anonymously.

The real question is; why are these people dressing this way and attacking, and scaring people? There is no direct explanation to this but my theory is that it is all for simply fame and recognition. Just a few days ago a young teenager was arrested for opening an instagram page threatening to stalk and attack local schools. When the police questioned him he replied by saying that “ it was only to gain followers on social media and scare people.

A lot of the people going out there dressing up like clowns and scaring people are harmless but that is not how it looks to the victims. People usually react by striking at the clowns in violent ways causing serious injuries and possible deaths. This is a reason why this issue must be stopped.

One of the main issues is that law enforcement isn’t really doing anything about this wide spreading issue. Since there aren’t too many deaths or serious injuries, it seems pointless, but it only escalates from here. I believe that soon this will become more than just a prank. People are going to start getting hurt really badly and the number of murders will slowly increase, whether the victims be the clowns themselves, or the people they are attempting to scare. Parents are scared to let their kids leave the house now, and I agree that this issue needs to be resolved. We should feel safe in our own communities.

If we are to make this change possible we will have to work together. If you or your friends are thinking about going out and scaring people, don’t do it. Now is not the time for that. I think this whole clown issue is simply a trend, and it’ll die down sooner or later just as most trends do. In the meantime we should stop promoting these people and stop with spreading the topic globally. It’s time we start feeling safe when we leave our homes.

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