The Top 4 vacation spots


Hattie Cox, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered, where our or my next vacation should be? If you answered yes stick around while I show you some, and if you answered no still stay because you might enjoy it also!

According to Paris, France is the number one destination to travel to because you can spend months and months inside the beautiful city exploring without even making a scratch on the surface! They’re our so many fun things and activities to do, like visiting all the history and art museums, all the wonderful cafe’s and the stellar shopping experiences!

Coming up next is Bora Bora, according to Bora Bora Bora is great for relaxation, fun days on the beach especially for someone that loves a tropical getaway! You can go exploring Mount Otemanu, an extinct volcano located in the center of the island. If you like boats you’ll love their boat tours from sailboats, glass bottom boats, speedboats, kayaks, or even jet skis they got them all! Once you’ve finished your boat ride(s) don’t forget to go swim with an even feed the sharks and stingrays!

“Cape Town Africa is an amazing place to visit” says They have iconic mountain backdrops and sites to see. Cape Town has a compelling art and design scene to it’s area. They have amazing African Art museums to whoever enjoys going and viewing the extraordinary art galleries. While you’re there make it a priority to dine in at Test Kitchen and enjoy their fine cuisine,Test Kitchen is ranked at #22 on the World’s best 50 restaurants.

Hook Island (Whitsundays Area), Queensland, Australia expresses that no visit to Whitsundays is complete without seeing a few of the islands, Hook Island offers spectacular natural natural surrounding and excellent snorkelling and diving sites, you since it is located right on the Great Barrier Reef!! Hook Island is an amazing place to go for someone who loves the ocean, beach, and all things coastal!

Those are my top 4 vacation destinations, I love the tropical getaways more than anything! And Paris, who doesn’t love places with great historical backgrounds?