London is beautiful and has many places to see!

Lyric Menges, Staff Writer

Recently, I traveled to London on business, and thought I would take this opportunity to share with everyone how beautiful Europe is around the holidays!

On Oxford and Regent street, the buildings tower over everyone walking around and beautiful hanging orbs light up the sky. Oxford St. and Regent St. are two of the most popular streets for holiday shopping as well. In London, everyone walks everywhere or uses their oyster card for the tube. It’s a bustling city full of double decker buses, croissants, beautiful accents, and a whole world of culture. Some cultural differences to note if you are going to be travelling in London are: the street names are very confusing. For example, in Texas, one street continues and does not change names. In London, a street will go for a block or two and then change into a completely different street with no signage, which is very confusing if you are walking! Another difference are the zip codes, as in America, zip codes are written as a series of numbers like 90210. However, in London, there are not necessarily zipcodes, the actual name of a places is written in the format W1S 3AN, which is an exact location and is also used for shipping and getting to places! I would highly recommend walking everywhere because like New York, it is customary and a great way to see everything London has to offer.

If you are going to London anytime soon, here are the places I recommend:


-Oxford St

-Pret a Manger

-Trafalgar Sq.

-Buckingham Palace


-Hyde Park

-Covent Gardens

Enjoy your holidays!