Here are some photos of London!


Madison Sears, Staff Writer

Hey owls! I’ve got a travel article for you this time! Over Christmas break, my parents and I went to London, and since I fancy myself an amateur photographer, I brought my camera along. We toured the tower of London, walked around Piccadilly, and took a little cruise on the Thames. Now these photos may not be perfect, but I still would like to share them with you!

A shot of Parliament across the Thames.
A statue near Buckingham Palace.
More Parliament.
The Tower of London
“The Tower’s Curiosities” I’m still processing this thing.
Guns that somehow remind me of Hamilton
A scrap Dragon!
One of the tower’s five ravens

I’ll conclude with a story. There are five ravens kept at the tower of London. They all have names, but I don’t remember any of them at the moment. They are kept because a long time ago Ravens used to live in the tower and someone said London would fall if they left. No one really knows why someone said this and why they still keep them, but I found that really unique.