Things to do while quarantined



Kati Moffett, College Corner Section Editor

As we’re all cooped up in the house during this mandatory quarantine period, life can easily become boring and sad. So, I’ve decided to round up some quarantine activities to keep you busy and your spirits lifted!

Wash your hands
Wash them again
Read a good book
Play a board game with your family
Clean your closet
Clean your room (you know it’s dirty!)
Eat a snack
Play with your pets
Build something
Clean out the house and find things to donate
Facetime your friends
Rearrange your room
Dance to music
Create a new playlist
Listen to a podcast
Play hide and seek
Go outside
Climb a tree
Make a fort
Clean out the mess under your bed
Complete a puzzle
Play an instrument
Write a song
Learn a new language
Paint something
Watch a movie
Write letters to your family
Bake something
Read a magazine
At-home workouts
Write a book
TP your own yard
Ride a bike
Take a walk
Make new friends on your walk…6 feet apart, of course
Look at quarantine memes
Make quarantine memes
Travel somewhere new. AKA, the living room instead of your bedroom
Take some time to find stillness and peace
Plant some new plants in your garden
Go camping in your backyard
Have a picnic in the front yard
Go for a drive
Listen to the radio
Do a science experiment
Perform a concert
Cook something
Prank your family

I hope you can find something in this list to keep you occupied. During this uncertain time, please remember that you’re not alone. We’re all in this together! 🙂