The Bamb-tastic BOE of the Holiday Season

Natalie McLaren, Eyes on Owls Section Editor

Introducing Eve…

Nearing the Holidays of 2020, the iHoot Newspaper celebrated its lovely staff members of December by awarding its hard-working writers. As if the opportunity to write for an owlsome newspaper wasn’t a big enough gift, getting recognized as a staff writer or a member of the board of editors just topped it all off with a nice cherry. Around the holidays, especially of 2020, everybody needed some cheer; in fact, 2020 was such a disappointment that some just wanted to see its end sooner rather than later. We all have someone who just walks in or virtually “pops in” and brightens up a room; and if there’s anyone I know who always has a cup of cheer in hand, it’s the exquisite, well-spoken, charming iUniversityPrep Freshman, Eve Bamber, and it was no surprise to see that she indeed was the recipient of the honorable December BOE of the month.

Eve; The Ultimate Owl

At iUniversityPrep, there is a specific group of students attracted to the modern, snazzy, online way of learning. Many cannot do it, but the Wise Owls of iUPrep can. As I began to speak with Eve about who she is as a person and who she is as an owl, I saw that there were practically 0 differences. The iUPrep Owl is hardworking, resilient, kind, and determined. If we thought that iUPrep saw the Owl characteristics being truly showcased before, we weren’t seeing the best of it. Not until Eve came into town.

From Far Far Away

Behind every beautiful human being is a story, and Ms. Bamber is certainly no exception. Coming from Australia, Eve and the Bamber fam definitely saw and experienced their fair share of trouble. Although a cool country (after all it is the home of the outback), Australia didn’t seem to grasp the opportunities that either Eve or her siblings, Marcus and Curtis, were looking for. In search of a bigger and brighter future and with hopes of achieving the “American Dream”, the Bamber family set off on a journey away from all they had known to The great USA.

It is Written

Everyone has a story to tell; whether that be through talking, writing, or other uses of communication, there’s always an outlet. As head of the News Section of iHoot Newspaper, Eve has the opportunity to coach people when it comes to how to tell others’ stories. I can personally recall when I first worked with her on one of my News articles; although Eve is undeniably kind, she desires and only accepts quality articles into her section. She offered valuable feedback and criticism, and by those that I have spoken with, none of what she says goes unnoticed. “Educating yourself on the issues of the world is so important,” Eve told iHoot Newspaper. The News section stands to be one of the most crucial sections of the newspaper, offering appropriate headlines, creatively told to help kids at iUPrep understand today’s current events. It’s safe to say that our newspaper would be worlds different and a whole lot duller without Eve.

Wanting MORE

Not only does Eve keep herself busy by setting high academic goals and/or being involved in her school community, but many might also find it hard to think that she has more balanced on her plate of extracurriculars. Some need access to the special skills that people like Eve daily display, and Eve has loyally and humbly devoted herself to making people with special needs people feel valued and welcomed into the world, with the MORE community. As a social media manager, Eve helps to take part in hosting events like outside gatherings, COVID-friendly ways to connect the special needs community. Many are blessed with a servant’s heart, but few choose to use it to serve others. Eve is one of the blessed that uses her gifts to be a blessing, and this is one of the reasons why she is the prestigious Owl that she is.

The Sky’s the Limit

Coming from Australia, Eve didn’t have much of an option of where to go to college, especially since Australia’s education system is much different from that of the US. Now that she resides in the United States, she desires to shoot for the moon and land among the stars. Becoming the first person in her family to attend college, she is looking to hopefully go into some type of Law, and maybe attend an Ivy League school up in the New England area. Enhancing her school involvement with iHoot, Owlside Productions, (iUPrep’s broadcast team) the JWAC committee (a part of World Cultures Club), and more, Eve is doing everything that she possibly can and pulling out all of the shots to get herself to reach her goals. “Coming from Australia, where we didn’t have many options for college, everyone in our family works hard to achieve the best, especially because it’s now offered to us in reach,” Eve commented. “If you put in the right amount of work, the results will come when the time is right.”

A little R&R

Being involved and keeping oneself busy are wonderful aspects of life, but every so often, it’s nice to have some time to hit the pause button and just relax. Eve’s healthy habits of reading, working out, and getting closer to God have let her experience “life to the fullest”, as some put it. Whether it’s enjoying a classical read like Rebecca, watching Mamma Mia, or just chilling out and listening to some Ariana Grande with her kitties in some baggy, comfy clothing, Eve understands full well the necessity of attaining and maintaining balance in one’s life, and as all of us know, when Eve is recharged and sparked, she is unstoppable.

Going out with a Bamber Bang

To sum it all up, our school, let alone our world would look a lot different if there wasn’t an Eve Bamber around. The bold, kind, pleasant, classy Freshman continues to make the school proud by putting on display what a true Owl looks like, in real-time. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights that we all have, but several choose to forget or place aside; if one ever desires to be a star, look no farther than Eve Bamber; the epitome of an iUPrep Wise Owl.