In the Beginning…

Samantha Anderson, Staff Writer


It is said that owls are a symbol of wisdom or knowledge. They have made appearances in many books and movies over many years, however the origin of this symbol is derived from Greek mythology. In some versions of myths it is said that the goddess Athena is accompanied by an owl that sits upon her shoulder and offers her truths and wisdom. Many will say that the owl that accompanied Athena is where owls got their reputation of being full of wisdom and knowledge. So, as time passed, many organizations and businesses came to adopt the owl as their mascot, much like our beloved school iUniversity Prep.


Background into the owl and why iUP adopted it-


There are different versions of what Athena’s owl represents. In some of the versions of Greek mythology Athena’s owl represents her “blindside”. The owl saw all of what she did not pick up on so that Athena could see the whole truth. It is like the owl completed her and made aware of all. This is where the owl became seen as knowledgeable. In other myths the owl represents Athena’s wisdom and “inner light”. Either way the owl became known as a blessing to witness, and when seen by soldiers in battle they thought that it was a sign that Athena was on their side.


From the time of Greek mythology people have come to use the owl to represent what exactly they stand for. Our school, iUniversity Prep, has the mascot of Wisely the owl. The interpretation behind our beloved mascot is not set in stone, but one thing is for sure- the owl has been a beacon of hope and knowledge for many of our students. 


Many students at iUP have their own opinion on what Wisely symbolizes. To some he represents hope, to others knowledge. Here are some students opinions on what she represents. 

Kendall says that Wisely represents “making wise choices so you can have a great school year. Also, spreading guidance through our PRIDE teacher”.


To Chloe, Wisely represents “a joyful outlook on a fresh beginning to a new adventure into online school, outshining the norms of society these days”. 


Many others at iUP have agreed upon the fact that they believe that Wisely represents wisdom and knowledge. Though there are many different ways that the people view Wisely, she is viewed with pride and light. It could be said that Wisely being our mascot is Athena’s inner light shining upon us.  


From ancient Greek times to the present the owl has been a pinnacle of wisdom and truth for many. The owl has guided many through hard times and provided people with its abundance of knowledge. Regardless of what we think that the owl represents, it is here to watch over us from Athena’s shoulder to ours. 

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