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2020-2021 Staff

Guin Rogers

Editor In Chief

Hi! My name is Guinevere Rogers (Guin for short), and I'm a Senior here at iUniversity Prep. This is my 5th year at this amazing school, and my 4th year with iHoot! I am currently the Co-Editor In Chief with Austin Travis, and...

Austin Travis


Hey guys! My name is Austin Travis, and this is my 6th and final year with iHoot and my 6th and final year as a student at iUniversity Prep, as I'm a senior. I'm back as a Co- Editor-in-Chief  working alongside Guin Rogers! Outside...

Enya Ratkic

Associate Editor

Hi everyone! I'm Enya, the Associate Editor for the 20-21 school year at iHoot! I'm a senior here at iUPrep. This is my 6th year at iUPrep and 5th year with iHoot. I started out here as a Staff Writer in the 8th grade, worked...

Emily DeMotte

Travel editor

Hi! My name is Emily and I am a sophomore at iUniversity Prep this year. I am excited to serve as the travel section editor for the 2020-2021 school year! This will be my third year at this school and first year with iHoot and...

Natalie McLaren

Eyes On Owls Editor

Hello! My name is Natalie McLaren, and I am the Section Editor for Eyes on Owls. I am a sophomore, and this is my first year at iUniversityPrep and on staff. I've been involved in Journalism since 7th grade, and I only love it...

Addison Bartek

Clubs and Activities Editor

Hello everyone! My name is Addison and I'm a 9th grader at iUniversity Prep. I love being able to inform people about a wide variety of subjects and provide them with entertaining, but accurate, information. This is my second...

Nhi Nguyen

Feature Editor

Hi guys! My name is Nhi Nguyen and I'm a Senior this year at iUniversity Prep. This is my first year in iHoot and I'm so excited to be the editor for the Feature section of our newspaper! I have always loved to read and write,...

Nyomi Nee

Entertainment Editor

Hello my name is Nyomi and I am a senior. I am a theater kid through and through, and I am trying to go to college for theater. I love writing, and am so excited to be writing and editing for the entertainment section of iHoot!

Victoria Arifin

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Victoria, although I prefer Z to keep it short and straightforward. I acquired the role of a staff writer, and I'm usually not very talkative unless necessary. Something interesting is I have six piercings!

Cy May

Staff Writer

My name is Cy May. I am a staff writer here at iHoot. I have 3 cats and I love all animals. I write and read a lot, which is why I wanted to join iHoot. I love to bake, play videogames, and do D&D campaigns with my friends....

Kennedy Chasak

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Kennedy! This is my first year at iUP and iHoot. I am in 5th grade. I love writing and I am so excited to be part of iHoot! I like writing about natural disasters and historical events. I play guitar, I love to...

Mia Sanchez Miller

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Mia and I'm a 1oth grader at IUniversity Prep. This is my 4th year here and my first year in iHoot. I am a staff writer. Although this is my first time ever participating in a school newspaper, I am really excited! I have...

Shelby Hunsucker

Staff Writer

Hey guys! My name is Shelby. I'm a horse trainer and kennel tech. As well as, I love to work on stories and create amazing literature/art. I'm a huge fan of the Hobbit and live off tacos. Can't wait for an amazing year in iHoot.

Kayla Thomas

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Kayla Thomas, and I am in 5th grade at iUniversity Prep. I am a staff writer and am ready to write a lot of stories! I really like to read and write (mostly plays). When I am not in school, I like to draw, play...

Bruce Bowen

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Bruce Bowen and I am a sophomore at iUniversity Prep. I love writing and am super excited to be a part of iHoot this year. This is my first year as a staff writer. I have been writing for fun and for competitions...

Kaeda Reamer

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Kaeda Reamer, I am an 11th grader at iUniversity Prep. This is my first year as a staff writer on the journalism iHoot Newspaper. I just started this year, because I wanted to see what it was all about, and so far it is...

Abigail Hardy

Staff Writer

My name is Abigail Hardy and I am a staff writer for iHoot this year. I am in 11th grade. I go to the NTPA Academy, where I study theatre(which I have done for 6 1/2 years), singing, and dancing. I have a certification in theatre...

Curtis Bamber

Staff Writer

My name is Curtis Bamber and I am 12 years old, I was originally from Australia and moved to the USA 5 years ago. I love to travel around the world and explore things that I don't know about. I am curious and adventurous, and...

Avika Taneja

Staff Writer

Hi I am Avika! I am a staff writer and a 5th grader at iUniversity prep. I love acting, singing, dancing, writing, and coding! I love spending time with my brothers, writing fun stories, and iHoot articles!

Kathryn Russell

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Kathryn but I go by Kat! I have enjoyed writing from a young age and am really glad I joined this year!! I am in 9th grade this is my 4th year at this school! I like llamas, traveling, and my favorite food is ravioli!...

Eve Bamber

Staff Writer

Hi! my name is Eve Bamber and I'm a freshman here at iUniversity Prep. This is my first year at iUp! I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, until a few years ago when my family and I moved to Houston. I enjoy all aspects...

Eylee Pennings

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Eylee Pennings, I am 11 years old, I live in Austin, TX, and I am a staff writer in iHoot! This is my first year at iUniversity Prep! I have three sisters, and I am the middle child. I also have two dogs. One of...

Sophia Sokoll

Staff Writer

Hi! I am in 6th grade, I am a staff writer. I went to Spain last year for 5 months. I love writing and I started my own private newspaper, so that is why I thought it would be fun to join iHoot! I also love painting and interviewing...

Sadie Brown

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Sadie! I'm a Staff Writer/Graphic Artist for iHoot! I'm 12 years old, and a 7th grader! I'm an aspiring artist/animator/pianist. This is my second year at iUP, and my first working at iHoot! I love to character...

Beatrix Matthews

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Beatrix Matthews, and I am a Staff Writer here at iHoot. This is my first year at iUniversity, and I love it so far! I love ballet, and I have been dancing for 11 & 1/2 years. I am a huge bookworm, and I also...

Mikayla Orozco

Staff Writer

Hi! I am Mikayla Orozco! I’m a senior, and this is my second year with iUniversity Prep, and my first year with ihoot! I am a staff writer this year, and I'm so excited! Besides ihoot, I love to dance! I’m majoring in dance...

Lauren Burgess

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Lauren and I am an 11th grader at iUniversity Prep. This is my 1st year here at iUP and I am super excited to be a staff writer this year. Ever since I was younger I've always had an interest in writing, but I was...

DJ Johnson

Staff Writer

Hello! I am DJ Johnson and I am a ninth grader at Iuniversity Prep. I love journalism and writing, I am also heavily into coding and engineering. My job at iHoot is Staff Writer. This is my first year doing journalism but I do...

Thanh-Xuan Nguyen

Staff Writer

Hi. My name is Xuan Nguyen and this is my 3rd year at iUprep. I am a junior this year and am excited to see how this year will go. For now, I am just a Staff Writer taking iHoot for my journalism credit. I am quite new to all...

Mikayla Talty

Staff writer

Hello! My name is Mikayla Talty, I am a ninth-grader at IUniversity prep. I've always loved to write. In my public middle school, I received multiple writing rewards. I'm very excited to share my writing skills and write about...

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