• December 14Shoutout to Remy Towey and Britney Huynh for starting a student tutoring program!
  • December 11Student Kudos: Shout out to Enya Ratkic for editing so many stories at the iHoot workday! Great job! -Denise Soerens
  • April 6Student Kuddos: Shout out to Towey Remy for helping me out. I really appreciate it! -Sarah Dancer

2019-2020 Staff

Austin Travis


Hey guys, my name is Austin Travis, and I will serve as the Editor-in-Chief for the iHoot Newspaper for the 2019-2020 school year. This is my fifth year at iUniversity Prep, and my fifth year with iHoot. I previously served as...

Katelyn Llerena

News Editor

Hi! My name is Katie and I am in tenth grade. This is my first year in iPrep University and iHoot. Although I enjoy writing and editing, I also participate in martial arts, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, listening and playing...

Addison Bartek

Travel Editor

Hi! My name is Addison Bartek and this is my second year I have been with iUP. I am in 8th grade this year. This is my first year with iHoot and I'm so excited to be here! I am the Travel editor for this year's paper. I love writing...

Cody Morgan

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Cody Morgan this is my junior year at Iuniversity prep, however it is only my first year with iHoot. I love music and gaming and Im sure I could write great articles about both!

Kendall Glover


Hello my name is Kendall I'm in 8th grade this is my first year at this school and in IHoot. I love to write and have been writing consistently for the past 2 years. I also love the outdoors and reading.

Alexxia Carter

Staff Writer

I'm Alexxia Carter, this is my first year at iUP and with iHoot. I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my family. I am so excited to see what this school year may bring!

Guin Rogers

Special Editor

Hi! My name is Guinevere Rogers (Guin for short), and I'm a Junior here at iUniversity Prep. This is my 4th year at this amazing school, and my 3rd year with iHoot! I am currently the Special Section editor, and am excited to...

Annie Scott

Staff Writer

My name is Annie Scott, I am new to iUP and iHoot this year. We moved to Texas from Washington state last year. I am a distance runner and a bass player in the college jazz band. I love being out doors, camping, rock climbing,...

Conor Peterson

Opinion Editor

My name is Conor Peterson. This is my first year at iUP and my first time in iHoot and I'm looking forward to what I'll be editing. I live in Plano and have a cockatiel as a pet. I also am really interested in technology.

Jude Lewis

Staff Writer

My name is Jude Lewis, this is my first year with iUniversity and my first year with iHoot. I'm in my Junior year and I've been doing theatre since I was seven, and before iUniversity I was at a Fine arts school. English has always...

Enya Ratkic

Feature Editor

Hi, I'm Enya! I am the feature editor for the 2019-2020 school year for iHoot. I'm in the 11th grade; my 5th year at iUPrep. It is also my 4th year being involved with iHoot, and my 3rd year as a feature editor! My 1st year I...

River Hunter

Staff Writer

My name is River Hunter, and I live in San Antonio Texas. I am a junior at iUniversityPrep, and I am a new student on this platform. I am passionate about photography, and it is my biggest hobby. I remember being in a Journalism...

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