• December 14Shoutout to Remy Towey and Britney Huynh for starting a student tutoring program!

  • December 11Student Kudos: Shout out to Enya Ratkic for editing so many stories at the iHoot workday! Great job! -Denise Soerens

  • April 6Student Kuddos: Shout out to Towey Remy for helping me out. I really appreciate it! -Sarah Dancer

2018-2019 Staff

Nathaniel Brown

Associate Editor

Hey guys! I'm Nathaniel Brown, and I am a Sophomore at iUniversity Prep. I joined iHoot this year, and it's looking to be a great one for our paper! I am the Associate Editor of the 2018-2019 iHoot newspaper. Although...

Denise Soerens


Hello! I’m Denise “Nisi” Soerens, and I am a Senior at iUniversityPrep. I love writing, reading, and am so very excited for another great year with the iHootstaff! I am the Editor-in-Chief of the 2018-2019 iHootNewspaper. Last...

Enya Ratkic

Feature Section Editor

Hello! My name is Enya and I am a 10th grader at iUniversity Prep. I am the Feature Editor of the 2018-2019 iHoot Newspaper. This is my 4th year here at iUPrep, 3rd year writing for iHoot, and 2nd year as the Feature Section Editor....

McKenna Moczygemba

Photography/Socials Director

Hi, I’m McKenna Moczygemba. I am in the 9th grade (so I’m a "guppy", as my family says). I am the Photography/Socials Director here on iHoot. This is my third year at iUnversity Prep, and my 2nd year at iHoot. I am obsessed...

Austin Travis

Sports Section Editor

Hey guys! I am Austin Travis, I'm a Sophomore here at iUniversity Prep, and I am super excited for my fourth year on the iHoot staff. I will serve as the Sports Section Editor for the third year in a row, as sports are my biggest...

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