• December 14Shoutout to Remy Towey and Britney Huynh for starting a student tutoring program!

  • December 11Student Kudos: Shout out to Enya Ratkic for editing so many stories at the iHoot workday! Great job! -Denise Soerens

  • April 6Student Kuddos: Shout out to Towey Remy for helping me out. I really appreciate it! -Sarah Dancer

2017-2018 Staff

Enya Ratkic

Feature Section Editor

Hello! My name is Enya and I am a 9th grader at iUniversity Prep. I am the Feature Editor of the 2017-2018 iHoot Newspaper. This is my 3rd year here at iUPrep and 2nd year writing for iHoot. My 1st year I was a staff writer, and...

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Denise Soerens

Associate Editor

Hi, I'm Denise "Nisi" Soerens, and I'm a junior this year (2017-2018) at iUniversity Prep! I'm the Associate Editor for the iHoot student newspaper, and I'm excited for an awesome year of reporting ahead of us! As well as being...

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Guinevere Rogers

Special Section Editor

Hey guys! My name is Guinevere Rogers! Most people call me Guin, because it's a lot easier to say. I'm in ninth grade, my second year at iUniversity Prep, and I am delighted to be this year's Special Section Editor!

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Austin Travis

Sports Editor

Hi!  I’m Austin Travis, the Sports Editor for iHoot newspaper.  I have loved doing journalism since I started, and I’m excited for this year.  I am very passionate about sports and love focusing on all of the little details...

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Ingrid Alberding

College Corner Editor

Hello, my name is Ingrid and I’m the editor for the College Corner section! I’m a senior here at iUPrep, and I have always loved reading and writing. This is my first year at iHoot, and I’m so excited! My passions include...

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Hannah Faulkner


Hello! My name is Hannah and I am an eleventh grader at iUniversity Prep. I love the entire process of journalism and writing, and am thrilled to once again be a part of the iHoot team. I  am excited to once again serve as Editor-i...

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