A Poem

Let the Feast Begin!

Let the Feast Begin!

Autumn leaves fall on the ground

Crunching twigs are the most distinct sound

The chilly air means winter’s near

Oh yes, Fall time its finally here!

The table is set with food galore

Bring the turkey I can wait no more

My plate is filled with steaming food

We all bow our heads and thank whats good

Then the feast begins

I stuff my belly but push the plate away

Its time to take on the rest of the day

We all settle into the den

To watch the Thanksgiving parade begin

The floats are spectacular, and my favorite one

Is the one that holds elsa from the movie frozen

Its time for the annual thanksgiving football game

We split into teams and take our aim

The foot ball soars through the air

My brother catches it without a care

The game continues until we’re done

Its getting hot in the heat of the sun

We go back inside and relax a little bit

This is one thanksgiving i’ll never forget.