What Are Yours?

Patrick Clardy, Sports Editor

Everyone has traditions. Whether it’s the family for the holidays carving the turkey or making reindeer food, cheering on your favorite team, or just your daily cup of coffee, we all have them. One notable tradition for the Carroll Dragons is their bleached blonde hair during the playoffs. Every year, as the Dragons head off to the playoffs, they bleach their hair blonde to show support for the school. Many people have heard of Trinity High School’s mighty Haka dance. This is to show the school’s pride and show that they will give it their all in game. It is believed that this dance intimidates their opponents before the game. Trinity is a great team, and they don’t fall short on team spirit, either. Another tradition for the Carroll Dragons is their walk onto the busses- all of the fans clap for them as they board. Carroll is also known for their marching band, specifically a show they perform during playoffs called Lids. In Lids, the Dragon drum line bang on tin trashcans with drumsticks, while the rest of the band dances. The cheerleaders and dancers get involved, too. Team spirit is a crucial part of the game of football, and sports in general. So what are some of your favorite team’s traditions?