A Drama Based on Real Events


(A long hallway with lockers, in the Junior High building

of Cartwell Academy, with one classroom door in-between the

lockers. There are two windows on the far-side of both sides of

the hallway. The lights are on. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS are

transitioning through the classroom door and on and offstage in

both directions. Rain is tapping on the windows and the wind is

(Spotlight shines on the rainy window)


ANNABELLE (Enters the hallway, looks out the window and

I guess we aren’t going to have our softball game today.

(Thunder booms and lightning flashes.)

ANNABELLE (Jumps back and gasps)

Sorry! (Cringes) Storms really freak me out. I can never

remember NOT being afraid of storms. (Laughs nervously.) At

least it isn’t a tornado! (Spotlight dims)

(Spotlight shines on MR. THOMAS and COACH LAWRENCE

standing at the other end of the hallway and laughing. Lightning

flashes. STUDENTS 1 & 2 are standing nearby.)

COACH LAWRENCE (Standing with his arms crossed. Looks out

Looks like we’re in for quite a storm.

MR. THOMAS (Leans closer to the window)

(Mr. THOMAS’ phone buzzes. He looks down at his phone.)

You better warn the other teachers. According to the

weather app on my phone, it looks like we are under a tornado

I’d better put the busses inside the gym then. (COACH exits

(ANNABELLE and TRACY are standing by the open classroom

door with their friends MADISON and BAILEY. STUDENTS 1 & 2 walk

up and the 4 girls hear THEM talking about the tornado.)

Yeaaah! Mr. Thomas said, “It looks like there is a tornado

ANNABELLE (Turns around quickly)

What did you just say? (Staring at STUDENT 2)

(The school bell rings. ANABELLE doesn’t wait for STUDENT 2. She

turns to MR. THOMAS who is now standing by the open classroom

Yes. Quickly now, I need you to get into the classroom.

(The STUDENTS and MR. THOMAS walk through the classroom door)

We are under a tornado warning. Please get into your tornado

(The tornado siren goes off)

(ANNABELLE exits the classroom in a line of students. She starts

It’s going to be okay, Annabelle. Don’t worry.

(ANNABELLE continues to breathe rapidly. SHE and the other

STUDENTS kneel on the floor and put their heads on the ground

ANNABELLE (Starts to cry.)

This is the WORST thing that could ever happen to me.

(The wind increases. ANNABELLE wails loudly.)

(STUDENTS start to cry. Other students are chatting nervously.)

MR. THOMAS (Pacing back and forth in the hallway. Stops

Let’s sing! (HE sings) As Jesus as the captain, we can smile at

the storm, smile at the storm, with Jesus as the Captain, we can

smile at the storm, as we go sailing by. (STUDENTS start

singing) Sailing, sailing by! Sailing, sailing by!

(ANNABELLE starts to cry hysterically)

Why can’t they JUST. BE. QUIET?!

(COACH LAWRENCE dashes onto the stage and yells frantically.)

It’s coming! The tornado is right THERE.

(Waving HIS hands and pointing. The talking and singing stops.)

(The stage goes completely dark.)