Every Thursday at 3:30 P.M., teachers, students, and professional engineers come to Mr. Price’s Live Lesson room for Engineering Club.

In Engineering Club, students learn everything from computer science, to web design, to basic technology. They get opportunities to look into career paths, talk with other engineers, and even go on field trips!


What do some of the students and teachers have to say about Engineering Club?

“Engineering Club has helped me figure out things with programming. I love to get help on technical things. Others should join this club because its a good learning experience on different technologies” -Dalton Peters

“Engineering club has offered me many opportunities to explore technology and get into the college world. My favorite thing about engineering club is the teamwork and the ability to work with technology on a small scale as well as get into my interest in nanotechnology. I think others should join this club to see what their creativity can help create and be able to collaborate with people with the same quest for knowledge as you.” -Tiffany Lee

“One of the great things about the Engineering Club is that students have the opportunity to learn valuable skills and knowledge from professional engineers who have a passion to help students achieve success through hard work and education. Engineers make a world of difference.” -Jerry Price


The students got to learn about new engineering paths and goals, other machines, and discussed what projects they were working on. It was very cool to see everyone presented their creations, and the students helping and giving feedback to each other.

Engineering Club is a fun-filled learning environment that encourages students to think logically and creatively to create what you dream is possible. There are no put downs, no deconstructive criticism, and definitely no limits to your imagination when you’re part of Engineering Club.