Apple TV

Is the future here or somewhere near?


Apple has been at the forefront of Smartphone innovation and has already announced the new and improved iPhone 7. However, Apple had neglected its renovations in TV for years, with the last apple TV coming out in 2010, which many reviews found problematic. Well, the years of neglect are over with Apple’s new 4th generation Apple TV. The TV came out with the bold tagline, “The future of television is here” and in the Apple conference revealing the TV, Apple’s Tim Cook stated, “The future of TV is apps”. Apple has been making many daring statements about the future of Television. Many people are dropping their cable companies and switching over to movie and TV streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu. My family and I recently quit our cable company and switched over to these apps as well. Apps truly are the future of TV, and that’s what the new Apple TV is about, bringing all your favorite apps to your TV and integrating an app store. Not only do you get your entire collection of movie and TV streaming apps in one place, but also all your iTunes music, favorite games, and other essential apps such as the weather app.

The biggest change in the apple TV is its remote that’s complete with a glass touch screen, motion sensors that can be used for games and, the biggest feature, voice control through the Siri button. The biggest problem I’ve always had with smart TVs or Consoles was the difficulty of typing in the search, but with Siri, there’s no need to suffer through the complications of slowly typing on a keypad. Not only does Siri help you find something to watch, you can also ask Siri questions about actors, movies, game scores, etc., all while watching you favorite show. While many other competitors have come out with voice control, most reviewers would agree that Apple’s is the most polished and can accomplish the most. While all these features are cool, is the future of TV really here? No, but it’s getting there. Even though Apple TV seems to be the most polished it is still only replicating what has already been developed by competitors, just in a slightly improved way. Even though the Apple TV is not yet the future of television, it certainly has a lot a potential and is heading in that direction. Companies have been focusing on how to make TV consuls better but lack to improve the apps within them. There are still many faults with numerous applications that make them less than exceptional. If Apple truly believes that apps are the future, they should spend a little more time improving them before Apple TV can truly become revolutionary.