Trends for 2016


Fall is coming up, pumpkin spice lattes are back in Starbucks, and the season’s trends are starting to be worn as well. If you like to keep it classic, the basic trends for autumn include red lips, darker clothes, and so on. However, every year there’s always new styles that are popular. Of course, trends are not there to tell you what to wear. It’s always important to be unique and rock your own style, but if you happen to love some of the fall trends for 2016, go ahead and rock those as well!

The style of makeup worn this fall is going to be a bit different than usual. A dark red lip is a popular style like usual, however this year they’re going to be extremely dark. Some are even saying black lipstick is going to be on trend. Black isn’t always the easiest color to find in the stores, nor is it easy to pull off well. An easy solution to both of those problems is to use any black eyeliner that you have lying around as a lip liner, and then apply your red lipstick. This will create that dark lip that’s popular this season, without spending extra and without looking too extreme.

Another trend that is actually quite unusual for fall is peach colors in your makeup. Most people think of spring or summer when they think of peach, but this color is actually quite beautiful in the fall. If you want to try it out, apply some peach toned lipstick, blush, or eye shadow and wear dark clothes. The peach colors give you a natural flush that looks like you’ve been out in the cold. Wearing peach lipstick or blush may work best for more fair skin, but if you have darker skin, peach eye shadow is your friend!

The trend that seems most popular at the moment has to do with accessorizing. My favorite trends are the ones that bring something from the past and put a twist on it, and that’s exactly what this style is about. Chokers are back! The twist, however, is instead of being a thin ribbon-like choker, these are statement chokers which will likely cover your entire neck. The best way to wear these is with a lighter top, but you could also wear it with a turtleneck to give it a unique twist.

Finally, my personal favorite trend for fall of 2016 is statement faux furs. They are so chic and stylish, but will also keep you warm when the weather starts to cool down. You can wear faux fur coats, and there are some very cute faux fur dresses going around. You can even go crazy with it and wear faux fur shoes, which would probably work best on boots. However, you can likely find sandals with a thin faux fur strap.

For the most part, this coming fall is all about mixing it up. So many people just stick to the basics and keep their looks plain, but the styles this year are telling everyone to experiment! Take a shopping trip and see what you can find that you think embodies your style and keeps you warm. Try out new styles that you’ve never tried before, because you might be surprised with what works for you.