How to make a fashionable jewelry holder for fall


Hey guys! So i took the liberty of showing you all some cool Fall seasonal DIY’s! Just as Ali is doing, I will be showing you guys DIY recipes, room decor, wall decor and more! I will leave it to Ali to bring you guys more DIY’s than me but I’ll still be posting some! So this Fall DIY for today is a ring or jewelry holder shaped like a leaf and let me just tell you, this is so easy to make you’ll be fascinated. All of the materials needed for this project should already be in your house and you should have no trouble finding them.


100 mg of hot water

2 tablespoons of salt

200 grams of flour


Tupperware bowl

Cupcake liner


Acrylic paints


Step 1:

So to start off grab yourself a big glass or tupperware bowl and pour your hot water and salt inside. Once you put them in the bowl together, grab yourself a spoon and mix it until the salt is totally dissolved. Once the salt is dissolved add your flour and mix until it is a doughy substance.


Step 2:

After everything is mixed together and you have a dough kind of like Play-Doh take a piece off of it to make a square but don’t make it to small. Make a square and flatten it out but don’t make it to flat, make sure there is at least an inch of width, and then grab a knife but be careful not to cut yourself!


Step 3:

Take your knife and draw a leaf in your dough. Any shape leaf you want, it could be simple or complex depending on how artsy you are. After you draw the outline of your leaf pull of the excess dough and lay out your newly made leaf. With a knife or any sharp object make the details on your leaf.just make it your own, that’s what makes it even more cool!


Step 4:

After you finish any details you want on your leaf grab yourself a cupcake liner. Grab your leaf and shape into a bowl kind of shape and then set it in the cupcake liner. Stick it in the oven for about 30 minutes and then check to see if they are fully solid and if they are then great! Take them out and let them cool down for a little while. If they aren’t finished go ahead and stick them back in for however long you feel is right.


Step 5:

Grab your acrylic paints, whatever colors you’d like but I recommend fall colors. Paint away my friends! Add your own touch to your leaf/leaves! Once you are done painting let it dry and then put your jewelry in them! These look super cute on dressers, in bathrooms and bedside tables!


Send in pictures of yours if you decided to try this out! I’d love to see how creative some of you got! Also there is a video online you can check out for this DIY if you had trouble really figuring out how to make this just through words!