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How do I access my live lessons through my Connexus homepage?


Sincerely, Distressed and Confused


Dear Distressed and Confused,


Great Question! For all students out there, accessing your Live Lessons from Connexus is super quick and easy. Simply just find the teacher you wish to see and press on the little orange button under their name with the “LL” on it, and it will send you straight there!


Sincerely, Wisely 🙂


Dear Wisely,


My friends and I are making an animated show and I was wondering how I could let other people know about it?


Sincerely, Wondering and Lost


Dear Wondering and Lost,


I think the best way to let other people know about your show is through the newspaper and telling people in your classes! If you’d like to talk to someone about getting an article in the paper I’d say to go to an article and leave a comment about your show or you could come to the iHoot live lesson on Tuesdays at 12:30! Hope I helped!


-Wisely 🙂


Dear Wisely,


I have this group of friends, and there’s this certain friend that really gets on my nerves! I want to tell her that some of the stuff she does is rude and hurtful but I’m afraid of what she would say. Any advice?


Sincerely, Hurt and Afraid


Dear Hurt and Afraid,


I think the best way to approach the situation is talking to her about it. Talk to her one on one, face to face. And be sure to to only keep it between the two of you. But beware, always be nice and respectful to her or it might cause her to be more mean. Just tell her how you feel and try to figure out the reason behind her rude actions. Try to be her friend, someone she can talk to and trust without fear of being judged. Sometimes that’s all some people need! Hang in there!

-Wisely 🙂

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