Almost one third of Americans are obese. Obesity is the condition of being overweight. Obesity can be easily cut down and people won’t have to be worried about being obese if they can control two things, their diet and exercise.

Many people will say “I exercise daily but still can’t get in good shape” that is because abs are made in the kitchen. No matter how much you exercise if you eat junk or processed food, you can’t outwork an unhealthy diet. Also people will have a complaint of “I eat super clean,  but can’t seem to gain muscle.” If you are just eating healthy that is great but, working out creates muscle and strength. The way to create and maintain a healthy diet and look fit and toned is to workout daily. Daily might seem like a lot but all you have to do is find 45 mins to an hour of your time a day and work yourself hard for one hour. The other big key to a healthy lifestyle is eating a protein, carb, and fruit in every meal is mandatory. You do need veggies so if you add that in that would be even better!

Living the healthy lifestyle not only makes you look good on the outside, it makes you feel great on the inside. Studies have shown it improves your happiness and mental well being. If you aren’t happy with how you look and feel how can you be happy in life? Eating healthy and looking your best improves your life and will guarantee to improve your lifestyle.

Eating healthy and working out might be a challenge to begin with but it will become a habit and will stick for a long time. You will look and feel amazing inside and out. Even if you slowly ease into the process, it will benefit your body and mental health tremendously. A healthy lifestyle is one which helps to keep and improve people’s health and well being.