Tiffany Ringler, Staff Writer

Fall is here, and we all know that it’s the season of chili, soups, baked goods, caramel apples and candy. It’s the season of delicious food like pumpkin pie but it also the season of gaining weight for those who overindulge on all the great food.  For those trying to lose weight like myself, or those who simply don’t want to gain weight during the season, I have decided to write an article on how to stay fit during the holidays.

It’s inevitable, fall is the season of good food and along with winter and Christmas quickly approaching it can be very easy to pack on the pounds. The best way, and the most obvious way, to avoid putting on those pesky pounds is using moderation when it comes to sweet treats. Halloween just ended and I brought home a pillow case full of candy. Most likely I will end up giving it a lot of it away to my family members but for this week I have made it a goal to limit my candy consumption to two pieces per day for one week. After this week I will be giving the rest to my family members. That way I can still enjoy my sweet treats without going overboard.  The same concept can be used for any other unhealthy foods you may be offered this season. Just make it a goal to eat in moderation and don’t make it a habit of overindulging on unhealthy foods. Another fix would be to find “skinny” recipes for your cravings for the high fat and high calorie foods you would like to eat this season. My Fitness Pal (the awesome calorie tracker app) and Pinterest are great for finding healthier versions of the classic comfort foods this season.

Another way to avoid putting on too much weight this season is to make exercise a priority. While this applies to any season it is crucial during fall and winter to combat gaining weight. With the cold weather coming near it can be easy to avoid getting up and moving around but you must make getting at least 30 minutes (preferable more) of exercise each day to stay in shape. For me I love to go power walking around the neighborhood. You may find it beneficial to enroll in a gym since it will be getting cold soon. Of course if you’re on a budget like me, then investing in warm workout gear and going for a walk or run outside may suit you better. No matter how you do it, exercise is a must this season.

While it can be easy to overindulge this season you also have the power to stay fit and avoid gaining weight. As long as you exercise and monitor what you eat, you should be able to stay in good shape this fall. I hope this article helped you get some ideas for how to stay healthy this season.