Courtney Fenech, Staff Writer

There are many ways in which people celebrate Christmas; however, the idea of tradition is a commonality in all families during the holiday season.  Whether it is a meal created from old recipes, a movie that is ALWAYS played, or the beautiful evening spent at Christmas Mass with loved ones…the importance of family customs during the holidays shines through.  That is why, like most during the holidays, my family and I have a tradition of our own.


Every Christmas, my family and I go to Beaver Creek, Colorado for the beautiful scenery, snow, and skiing.  Although the cold can get a little intense, having a white Christmas is a huge part of our annual festivities.  Skiing and ice skating are our two favorite things to do during the day, and the Christmas lights at night are beautiful.  On Christmas day, we open presents while looking over the mountain, and we always have cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  The holiday spirit is very much alive in Beaver Creek, and the mini traditions my family and I have within our larger one makes the holidays the best time of the year.


Family traditions are very important during Christmas not only because of how they strengthen the holiday spirit, but also because they are what bring families closer together.  I know for certain that my family’s tradition of going to the mountains have made every year amazing…and very fun!