Dear Wisely,


I have a friend who loves boxing. He’s the only person in my circle of friends who does it, and he always makes a big deal about it. Last week, I decided to try it for myself and suggested to him that we box sometime, but he got really mad! I think he’s worried that I’m pushing into his special little thing that he thinks makes him stand out. I just want to try the sport, but he refuses to change his position, and won’t even listen to me anymore when I try to just talk to him about it. What should I do?


Yours, Hesitant and Concerned







Dear Hesitant and Concerned,


Thanks for asking! Well honestly, I think we would all feel that way if one of our best friends wanted to start learning or doing your “special thing”.  You said he won’t listen when you try to talk to him about it? Write a note. A letter. Even shoot him a text. Sometimes talking to someone face to face just totally fails and it works better to talk to them nonverbally. In a way where they can’t just walk away from you. Tell him how you’re not trying to steal his “special thing” and you’re really just looking for a new hobby, and you don’t know if boxing will be it. Just things like that. It helps a lot I promise!


Sincerely, Wisely