Maddison Brandley, Staff Writer

The spring season is finally underway! The sun is starting to shine a little bit brighter, the weather is warming up, and the flowers are blooming. My friends and I decided to take advantage of this beautiful week and visit lovely Pilot Point, Texas for Texas Tulips annual tulip picking event. Admission is only 3 dollars a person. Customers are given a basket to carry any tulips they pick for themselves to take home. There are dozens of different varieties of tulips to choose from and customers are allowed to roam the field picking whatever tulips they desire for only $2.50 each. Bulbs are also available for purchase so that you may plant tulips of your own. Each tulip bulb originated from the owners’ farm in Holland. Visiting the tulip fields is a gorgeous experience filled with vibrant colors and wonderful floral smells. This is the perfect place to take some beautiful pictures, which my friends and I definitely took advantage of. Texas Tulips also has picnic tables where you can unpack, relax, and eat your lunch. When you are finished, Texas Tulips will cover the stems in gel to preserve them till they make it home and wrap the flowers in the color of your choosing. Flower picking at Texas Tulips is still open but will be closing back down mid-April, so be sure to take a visit before the best tulips are picked over. For more information, visit the Texas Tulips Website: https://texas-tulips.com/