Courtney Fenech, Staff Writer

Two of the most important ways to be successful in homeschooling are being organized and managing your time.  Planners, reminder apps, sticky notes, and online calendars are a few popular ways to master these two skills. However, having separate places for notes can create a scattered and random feel when it comes to trying to do your school work.  But what if there was a way to combine the basic concept of each of these common organizers into one huge calendar customized to your liking?  It is simple to make, and it is an easier way to remember important assignments and meetings, as well as keep side notes and reminders.


Items needed:
– A big whiteboard
– A ruler
– An X-Acto knife
– A pencil
– Washi Tape
– Dry Erase Markers
– Sticky notes for organization


The first step in making your calendar is to make sure your whiteboard is of a good size.  Next, you need to measure out your intervals for your board. You will need at least six horizontal rows, with a skinnier row at the top for the days of the week. You will also need at least seven columns, and a larger eighth column at the end for to-do lists and extra notes.  Once you have gotten this basic outline in mind, measure out your lines and mark them lightly with a pencil.  Then, go over your pencil markings with Washi Tape. Make sure to add the vertical lines first (to avoid air bubbles), and the horizontal lines second.  The color of the tape is your choice, and it can be as crazy or simple as you want it to be.  Finally, use your X-Acto knife to (carefully!) clean up any excess tape and to straighten your lines.  Your white board is now ready to be covered in marker, sticky notes, reminders, and important dates!


Staying organized is a very important skill to master, especially when you are homeschooled.  This quick and simple whiteboard will make your cluttered desk look tidy and manageable, as well as cute and colorful.  Stay on top of your school work in style!