iUniversity Prep, an awesome school…


iUniversity Prep, an online school for highly motivated and engaged learners, has reached peak performance, for five years straight. The online school that powers Grapevine Colleyville’s multi-award winning school district empowers students to accomplish their ambitious goals, and still reach academic excellence. Lead by Dr. Kaye Rogers, the Director of Virtual Learning in Grapevine Colleyville, Stacy Heath, the Coordinator of Academics for IUniversity, and Jessica Lee, the Dean of Students, IUniversity transcends their missions every day.
“We believe that we are here to provide an exemplary education so students are equipped to take on the challenges today and in the future,” states the programs belief statements. Many alumni reach Ivy league schools and pursue their life passion with prestige and success. “Virtual School Allows Young Wylie Dancer to Pursue Her Career, Passion for Performing Arts.” “Frisco Student Takes Swing at Becoming Next Jordan Spieth” “Virtual School Helps Wildcats Hockey Player Get Shot At Pros.” “Virtual Based School in Texas Helps Texarkana Student Aim High.” All of these beautiful stories came from the transformation that this wonderful program bestowed upon many lives.
The idea for an online school is thought-provoking, influential, and an upcoming virtue. According to Rasmussen University, “Online classes mold with your schedule and allow you to log into your online course at any time that works best for you…” This is exactly what iUprep has done. For multiple years, iUniversity Prep is the highest performing online school in the entire state of Texas. They put the kids learning first, allowing students to bloom into wonderful, mature young adults. Their everyday strategy is as follows, “…To create an innovative choice school where students are encouraged and equipped to pursue excellence in academics, service, extracurricular and community in the world today and the future.” Demonstration of this accountability gives the program its winning textures while allowing for growth and development. Every day, the Owls at iIUniversity Prep, transform into powerful, capable people in society.