MeowWolf is quite a unique place!


Sarah Jagnow, Eyes on Owls Editor

Last spring break I went to an art museum called MeowWolf.  I’m not sure how MeowWolf got its name, but it reflects the museum very well.  This art museum doesn’t feel like a museum at all.  With its vibrant colors and 100% interactive landscape, it’s more like a playground than anything else.  

The first thing you see when you enter the doors is the murals covering the walls from floor to ceiling.  There are seats that look like eggs, and rugs that look like spilled milk.  Once you pay the entry fee (and a possible extra few dollars for 3D glasses), you enter a room that appears to be the front of an average middle-class home, complete with grass and bushes in the front yard.

Once you enter the house, at first it just looks like a regular home, but then you notice a few things here and there that seem anything by normal.  You see things like ripples on the roof or people walking out of the fridge.  Besides the strange sights, there is also a mystery in the house.  As you walk through the two story house, you find notes and journals hidden in plain sight.  Unfortunately, I got sidetracked before I could solve the mystery of the house.


Just out of sight, yet all throughout the house, is a new world you can only access through the house’s several secret passages.  You could go into the fireplace, go through the dryer, go under the stairs, and my personal favorite, going through a closet just like in Narnia!  

In this new world there are flashing lights, games, slides, hidden tunnels, stairs, portals, and many many people.  The past, present, and future collide seamlessly and appear side by side.  It looks as if a small army of artists, all with different styles, were let loose in the building with unlimited time and materials.  Instruments are disguised as lights, mushrooms, and even dinosaur skeletons.  

A couple of things might seem familiar in the bright and colorful world beyond the house, and that is because several things are modeled after things that appear in the house!  A whole room is dedicated to a replica of a fish tank that appeared in the house.

 Everything glows and is alive at MeowWolf.  You can see kids as young as 3 running around, and several elders are there too.  MeowWolf looks and feels like a dream.  If you are ever passing through Santa Fe, New Mexico, it is definitely worth a visit!