Here are some tips so you can keep your New Year’s Resolutions!


Sarah Jagnow, Eyes on Owls Editor

It is officially 2018! 2017 will still be making appearances now and again until my brain finally accepts it, but it is official.  With the New Year comes gym memberships, promises of healthier eating habits, and setting earlier alarms.  If everyone is so drastically different, then why do some New Year’s Resolutions appear on everyone’s lists?  Some common New Year’s Resolutions are losing weight, quitting an addictive habit such as smoking or drinking, and getting organized.  All of these goals are difficult to stick to.  They take a level of commitment and time that some people can only stand for a few weeks.  There are some ways to make the whole new year resolution process go a lot smoother.  For instance, you can make a goal more specific.  Instead of saying “eating healthier”, say that Wednesdays are salad days and that you only eat chocolate on Saturdays.  When a goal is more specific, you are more likely to to achieve your goal.  You are also more likely to stick to your resolution if you treat yourself every now and then for sticking to it.  Try treating yourself with breaks, a five dollar splurge on an app, or maybe even a chocolate chip cookie.  Remember that if you slip up with your new year’s resolution, that doesn’t mean you have to wait and try again next year.  While the new year makes you feel like you have a fresh start, you don’t need an official start time to make positive changes in your life!