What really is the “it” gift of 2017?


Sarah Jagnow, Eyes on Owls Editor

Hoverboards are undeniably the gift of 2016.  Everyone I know seemed to get one that year!  The buzz, both good and bad, died out soon after the novelty of those handleless segways lost their shine.  My family, myself included, never has been in the loop with the “it” lists for gifts, but not one gift stood out to me as the gift this year.  People have gotten vastly different gifts this year.  Being different has become okay and even encouraged, so how could there be a gift that is different for everyone? Then it struck me on the head as if I were attempting to play a sport.  Lots of people are getting new phones! New phones, new cases, new apps, these things are not only completely customizable but also so easy to find.  Gift cards and music were also very popular this year because they are even easier to find in stores or online and they can be different for different people.  I, myself, got a used phone and several new cases.  I even got a little fan that turns on when you plug it into a USB.  When I met up with my friends at a local coffee shop earlier today, everyone was showing off their new phones, apps, cases, and adapters.  Electronics have become cheaper and a vital part of everyday life, especially for us virtual students.  I wouldn’t be all that surprised if one distant Christmas morning, the only gifts given would be things that are customizable to your unique personality.