This year, Speak Up Speak Out is focusing on foster care.


Sarah Jagnow, Eyes On Owls Editor

Speak Up Speak Out, a statewide organization comprised of middle and high school students, has its own club this year at iUniversity Prep.  The purpose of this club is to identify, learn more about, and creatively problem solve a problem that they see in their community.  They have been meeting regularly since the fall semester.  They have chosen, researched, and prepared a presentation on the topic of foster care.

Why have they chosen foster care as their topic?  It is not merely a topic of interest.  To some at iUPrep, this issue is personal.  Allison has siblings that come from the foster care system.  When asked for a quote she said “At first I absolutely hated the thought of having more people, especially boys come into my home, but they very quickly became my brothers, and little did I know I’d be getting a baby sister.  I’m so passionate because, there are people my age, older, younger, but all children, who are abused and unloved, and i know this might seem like a cliche but all i want is for those children to feel safe and loved and have a sense of permanency.  All children are deserving of a childhood, that is ideal and they should remember it in the best way possible.  Growing attached to someone and seeing what they have to go through really opens up your eyes and makes you care.”

A video of iUPrep’s Speak Up Speak Out presentation was submitted for review resulting in the team’s selection to participate in this year’s annual State Civics Fair at the State Capitol Building to be held on February 8th.  They will present their work to a panel of 4 judges that include state leaders such as educators, police chiefs, and Texas legislators.  Good luck to our iUPrep Speak Up Speak Out team! Way to make a difference!