How important is it to have a clean workspace?


Sarah Jagnow, Eyes On Owls Editor

There are some obvious benefits of having a clean workspace every day.  You can easily find all the papers and supplies that you need.  The number of times that I lost some of my notes or a portfolio due to it getting buried under piles of paper is ridiculous.  This semester I started off with a clean desk and I’ve been working hard to maintain it.  I’ve been noticing that I have been turning in assignments early because it is so simple to find everything I need.

Besides the obvious benefits of having a clean desk and workspace, there are also some psychological benefits.  There is something about starting a new day with a clean workspace that makes you ready to tackle the day.  While I might be guilty of having a messy workspace from time to time, I find that I am more likely to get ahead in my schoolwork when I have a clean workspace.  By ridding a desk from distractions and clutter, you are more likely to finish early, have better grades, and take more time for yourself.  An article at states “If you want to create an environment in which people can improve their performance and productivity, make sure that your overall workspace is orderly.”  I agree with this wholeheartedly, and I’m not the one one.  When I asked my friend, Guinevere Rogers, why she thinks it is imperative to have a clean workspace she said,  “You don’t get overwhelmed or easily distracted.  I get overwhelmed when my room is a mess.”  If you are struggling to keep up with your schoolwork or make good grades, cleaning up your workspace is a fantastic way to start!

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