What is a stockshow?

Mckenna Moczygemba, Photography/Social Media Director

You may have heard of a stock show or even have been in a stock show. It’s an event where livestock are exhibited and judged on a certain phenotypical breed trait as specified by their respective breed traits. You must be the age of eight and in the 3rd grade to participate. If you reach the age of 18 during that August of the previous year you are no longer able to participate. You can show multiple variety of animals. These include pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, horses, llamas, alpacas, chickens, geese, and so much more. The animals are evaluated by their muscles, structural correctness, frame, style, and balance. The meat animals’ muscle is very important because it shows how good they would be for consumption of meat. The dairy animals’ protein is a super important factor because it shows how good the milk nutrients are. For the poultry animals like chickens, they are mostly judged by their feathers. The poultry animal events are a very competitive part of stock shows. For all the animals, structural correctness is a super important trait and refers to how well the animal’s skeleton is put together. Frame is a trait that is looked at when judging livestock. Frame is decided on whether the animal is long bodied or short body. The stock show lasts three weeks. In the earlier days the winners won things such as saddles, boots, hats and more clothing and farming items. As the years became more modern, people started winning money and ribbons. There are even more types of events surrounding the stock shows like photography/art, baking, and ag mech. This creates a very family friendly environment. If you are unsure, you should give it a try .There are plenty of friendly people around to help.