Cheyenne Manning, Staff Writer

   It was around eight-thirty at night on October 20, 2019, People were getting ready for bed and for the long week ahead when suddenly, there was a storm, shaking the Denton and Dallas areas. For some, it was heavy rain, thunder, and lightning, but for others, it cost them their whole house. 


    Chasing tornadoes can be fun and exciting, very much like it is shown in the movie; “Twister”,  it shows what damage can be done in the natural disaster. There are people who think that being in the eye of the storm can be as fun as a roller coaster ride, but they only think that because they haven’t been in the eye themselves. Many lose their homes, loved ones, or even their most treasured items to such unexpected disasters. Fires destroy homes in a matter of seconds, tornadoes take away land that was there long ago in a matter of seconds, floods wash away your beloved items in just a matter of seconds. 


We hear events similar to this occur very frequently through television and never think we may be the eye of the storm. On October 20th, people lost their homes, their pets, and a few probably even lost a loved one. Nobody can be prepared for the sorrow and the hurt that follows all of this disaster.


   If you have gone through any natural disaster, iUniversity Prep is there to stand by you and help you heal. We can not be prepared for disasters, but we can be prepared to help others heal.