How has iUPrep changed the way you do school and prepared you for your future job?


Enya Ratkic, Feature Editor

Over 900 students are a part of iUPrep. Technology has changed these 900+ lives. Right now, us students are preparing ourselves for the future careers of 2025 and beyond! Some of these careers are relatively new or may not even exist yet. So, whether it is the flexibility, future career preparation, or simply an athlete or musician being able to spend more time pursuing their dreams; GCISD wants to know, how has technology changed the way you do school? How does doing school the iUPrep way prepare you for future careers? In general, how has the technology of iUPrep changed your life? As advances in technology continue to shape our future and the careers that will be available, how is iUPrep setting you up for success in your future job?

Share your thoughts on how iUPrep has changed the way you do school!


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