Girl scout cookie season is here for a limited time!

Cheyenne Manning, Staff Writer

There’s that time of year that everyone loves. No, it’s not basketball season, and no it’s not football season. It’s Girl Scout cookies selling season! Every year around January- March, Girl Scouts all across America start setting up booths in front of stores, gas stations, and even homes. Tagalongs and Thin Mints show up in every home, people are gifted Smores for their birthday, and you may even find a Savannah Smile box in your dog’s food bowl. This year, the North Texas Girl Scout bakery has come out with a new cookie. Drum roll please *drum roll sound effects*… the all-new Lemon-ups. The new lemony cookies are a buttery yellow color and taste like Heaven in your mouth. However, Girl Scout cookies each went up a dollar in price. Here are the new prices: 

  • All the $5.00 cookies are: Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Toffee-Tastics, Savannah Smiles, and Do-si-dos
  • All the $6.oo cookies are: Lemon-ups and Smores

While some may be upset about prices going up, it just means that the Girl Scouts get more money to help them make memories. 

 Speaking of making memories, I have a huge favor to ask Owls. There is a particular sixth-grade Girl Scout that goes to our school that needs help reaching her goal of selling six-hundred cookies. All the cookies she sells goes towards different activities she gets to do and the different memories she gets to make with her troop. This Girl Scout is my little sister, Dakota Manning. Dakota is apart of Troop 1017, and she is willing to do anything to hit her goal. So, we are asking that if you are interested to email me and we can get you hooked up with cookies. If you want the cookies delivered to your house, it cost a little bit extra, or if you will be at the PDEC during freshman STAAR testing, tell me and I can give them to you then. My email is Please email me if interested. Thanks Owls! Cheyenne Manning signing off.