You don't have to have a dog or cat to have a pet!


Kendall Glover, Staff Writer

So your mom and dad said no to a dog. Yep, every kid’s been there, but hey don’t give up yet! There are plenty of other fuzzy companions out there. Here’s a list of 5 other fuzzy friends that might just be your next pet.


Rabbits These amazing animals don’t always get the best reputation. Some people think that they stink and bite, but really they are super sweet animals! It’s really up to their owner whether they stink.

Rabbits are like a mixtures of a dog and cat. Unlike most people think, they eat mostly hay and veggies, like spinach and celery. Pellets are generally not the best for them, and they should have little to none. Most rabbits, if treated right, live 10-13 years, but some have been known to live 16 years. It all depends on which breed you get. Since most vets treat cats and dogs, it can be expensive when going to the vet to buy hay.

One thing most people don’t know about rabbits is that you can teach them tricks such as twirling, jumping over stuff, litter box training and even sleeping in your bed. One bad stigma towards rabbits is they belong in cages or hutches which is not true. They should be free roamed or kept in a very large pen and be let out. Don’t trust what the pet stores tell you. Rabbits are amusing and fun creatures and I would highly recommend getting one.

Hamsters These guys are pocket sized, and although they are so small I wouldn’t recommend putting them in your pocket. They aren’t very loving, but are still fun to watch. Unlike rabbits, their diet consists mostly of pellets with fruits and veggies. They aren’t that big of a commitment, since they only live 2-3 years. You can keep these in a cage as long as they have plenty to do, because if not they will try to escape. If you save up your allowance you can find a good cage for 30-40 dollars, and a hamster between 10-20 dollars, depending on the breed. These are great starter pets for children willing to take care of them.

Chinchillas Chinchillas are on the more expensive side of pets, and they are not recommended for young children. These guys are high maintenance and can take a lot of time out of your day. They eat high quality food that tends to be expensive. They can be solo or in pairs, although if they’re solo, be prepared to play A LOT. On the bright side, their fur is super dense, which means they don’t shed much. Chinchillas have the lifespan of an average dog, which means they live up to 15 years. A unique fact about chinchillas is that their feces is odorless, which is a factor that makes them a good option.

Sugar Gliders Have you ever dreamed about having an animal with you  all the time? Then these are the perfect animals for you! They love being in pouches. These animals are perfect for you night owls, since they are nocturnal. The main downfall is they can be pretty expensive and  pretty messy. Their diet is similar to chinchillas, and they love fruit! Hence the name sugar gliders, these animals also love jumping and gliding, but they are super small and fragile. They can live up to 16 years, so they are a big commitment, but it’s worth it! They can be super loving creatures.

Guinea Pig A lot of people consider these great starter pets, and I agree, but some people don’t understand some of the things they need. Hay is something Guinea pigs enjoy, and it’s really good for them. They also need a big cage. No, not a pet store “big” cage, like a small dog cage. They’re also very social animals and enjoy lots of company. They are good starter pets when you understand their needs and will be good pets for young children or adults.

 In conclusion, yea, it may be a bummer that you can’t get a dog or cat or horse, but there are plenty of other animals you may not have considered. But make sure to do your research so you are ready for your next furry friend.