Show your teachers how much you appreciate them!


Kati Moffett, College Corner Editor

We can all agree that the teachers here at iUniversity Prep are beyond incredible. With their strong passion and determination to go above and beyond to help each individual student, they truly exceed the standard expectations as educators. They work tirelessly to prepare course work, grade assignments, and to connect to their students. Most importantly, our teachers act as family. They’re beyond understanding with our schedules and provide guidance towards student success. Further, they go out of their way to visit students in various areas of Texas as well as meeting them virtually at the most convenient times for the student to make sure they understand all material. They view you as a valuable student and friend, rather than just a number in a classroom. Although we attend school virtually, our teachers somehow find a way to build strong and meaningful relationships with their students. Above all, they educate because they genuinely want to help students and enjoy sharing their passion in the classroom. 

With all that said, it’s finally the time of year when we show our teachers how much we appreciate them! Teacher Appreciation Week takes place during the first week of May each year. Over the next week, take some time to write your teachers a note, send them an email, or even make a video acknowledging your gratitude and thankfulness towards them. With the countless hours they devote to us students, it’s the least we can do for them. 

To all of the teachers and administrators here at iUniversity Prep- Thank y’all so much for everything you do!