The shocking discovery from scientists that reminds us what climate change can do

Curtis Bamber, Staff Writer

Space as we know it, is one of the big mysterious of life, and people have been trying to discover new things out in space that will have a big impact on human life. However, a recent unusual discovery about penguin poop has alerted us about climate change and that we will have to be doing things differently to protect nature itself.


Everyone is wondering what the future will look like and how humans would have changed, but if we don’t fix this problem, we might not be around for to long. These changes could include driving electric cars and not using fossil fuels as much. This discovery is very important to our generation because we will be the ones that will have to deal with this major problem. In schools’ people might have to study climate change and learn about solutions that will help fix this.



From NASA satellites scientist have discovered penguin poop scattered on melting ice caps, leading to the discovery of 61 new colonies that in the next 5 years could already be extinct.

Because of climate change many animals and humans have been affected and these penguins are just few of them.


During this time, we have created many advanced tools and cities for humans to live better, but we have been taking away animal’s habitats and destroying their homes. If we don’t start changing things fast, humans could be the ones disappearing. People have started inventing different tools and lifestyles to help solve climate change and not just let humans live, but many other animals too. These little things may have a big impact and could be the new normal for many that are willing to help the environment.


Just a few examples are solar panels and electric cars. The one bad thing about these is that they are more costly, and most people may not be able to afford them. All these things are helping more animals survive and build back their homes.



The fact that penguins are disappearing could affect students in the future because it warns us that more animals may become extinct. Because of this, the world will be forced to change in order to make up for this great loss. I think it’s important to alert others of this discovery and what it means, especially as we may be the ones eventually left to deal with the consequences.


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