How you can help change your community!


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            Have you ever considered the needs of other people in our community? Whether or not, organizations could you a little extra help, or are low on employees. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?” So what can we do for others, our home, or our community?

As iUniversity Prep students, we have some advantages. We have the possibility to complete our schoolwork early to attend services or make time to do it later. In the account of this flexibility, we can help our community more, and be able to put more time into our community service.

 There are so many ways to become involved with your community. You can help out a local food pantry, or even an animal shelter, or even just grabbing a trash bag, some gloves, and just picking up trash around your streets. There are many benefits of helping out in your community or doing some sort of community service. The obvious reason is it keeps your city healthy and clean. Working in your community can bring you closer to others, and it is simply positive for your mind and body. If you help out at a vet clinic, veterans home, a nursing home, or a daycare, you might not realize it, but you could be making peoples day a little bit brighter because they know that they’re not alone and that they have help or someone to laugh with them or talk to.

In Collin county, there are many groups such as love pack, Shiloh Gardens, Habitat for Humanity, and 4-H you can volunteer at. You can even get into organizations that help with stock shows or other local events. Also, check out this LINK to view the news about our community service team.

Our towns and cities could all use a little bit of care. We need to keep the place we call home green and healthy! So let’s help out by picking up some trash on the sidewalk. 


-Mikayla Talty at iUniversity Prep  9/11/2020 



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