A Showcase of Blood Curdling Illustrations


Trevor Henderson and his Monster

Jessica Gabrillo, Staff Writer

With Halloween coming closer and closer, it’s definitely time to get into the spooky mood. An effective way to do that is to jump into the world of Trevor Henderson’s illustrations. Trevor Henderson, a 35-year-old Canadian illustrator, is famous for bringing the unimaginable into reality.

Many of his creations have attracted a fair amount of attention on the internet. With all of the lengthened limbs and eerie auras, the feelings you get from just one illustration is enough to captivate you in the world of horror. Even so to the point where some people have made stories to accompany the monsters, adding to the mystery and authenticity of the illustration. Every single one of his creatures is interesting on their own, though some are particularly bone-chilling.

Siren Head:

One of his most popular monsters is Siren Head. You may also know him as Slenderman, starring in the well-known horror game. Siren Head is a 40-foot-tall humanoid creature with a rusted metal color, found in graveyards or forests. Replacing his head are two speakers fused in with his neck, connected by a thin layer of skin. Like bats, he uses echolocation to get

around since he has the absence of eyes. He lures people into the forest with static distress signals such as tornado warnings or garbled voices. Once he catches his prey, no one really knows what happens. Some say he adds their voices to his internal list and imitates them to lure in his next victim. 

The Wandering Faith:

This dinosaur-looking creature looks like something that came straight out of Jurassic Park. The Wandering Faith can be up to 10 kilometers tall, traveling on four legs. Its skin is a greyish-black and from his head, four long tentacle-like appendages branch out. It uses these appendages to lift its prey into its mouth to feed on them.  Not to worry, since these creatures only come out on stormy foggy days. Some faith-followers theorize that The Wandering Faith was sent from heaven to grab believers and that these long appendages raise them to “heaven”, even though it’s ultimately their death. In one of the many photos of this monster captions “Please stay inside unless you or a loved one have been chosen.”, bringing the purest and faithful out to be grabbed by this humongous creature.

Bridge Worm:

Imagine the troll under the bridge, except a huge long worm with human arms that are 9 feet long. As stated in his name, The Bridge Worm camps out under relatively small bridges but can evolve into a much bigger version of himself and upgrade to highways. The Bridge Worm has a flap of skin over his face that shows a fake face to trick his victims into thinking he’s harmless, ultimately luring them in. His actual face includes a layer of sharp teeth that lines his mouth and 2 eyes that bulge out. Once his prey comes close enough onto the bridge, the large worm prances out, grabbing the victim with its boney hands. Don’t think that you’re safe when you get off the bridge, these creatures have the ability to chase you down even if you’re able to void the first attack.

There are plenty of monsters from Trevor Henderson that you can explore and discover, so take some time to explore the world of these creepy illustrations. I promise I’m not tricking you. Instead, you’ll find I’m treating you to a sweet that outlasts all the others.


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