A Helping Hand

Kathryn Russell, Staff Writer

     Many new students join iUniversity Prep each year, and our school has some pretty awesome veteran students who have a strong desire to help others. Kiley Pearson, the founder of Owl Pals, saw this desire and put 2 and 2 together. Owl Pals is a school run organization that helps new students adjust to the crazy world of Owls! 

     Owl Pals are the heart of the school, keeping active in the Live Lesson rooms, inviting new students to join clubs, and being uplifting and encouraging! This amazing club is always looking for new Owls to become pals! The sponsors for Owl Pals are Kiley Pearson, Kelsie Matthews, Steven Rains, and Kira Dehnel. The Owl Pals are always looking to help whether that’s in the classroom, helping in their community, and just being a kind person to everyone. 

     The Monthly Service Challenge is just one way that the Owls help their community. Each month they have the opportunity to help their community, from thanking an essential worker, to donating old toys and clothes! Some of the Owl Pals volunteer outside of their school, some are a part of a charity league or help out at the animal shelter, some even volunteer through their church! I think that is so amazing that our school has these kids who really just want to help! From everyone that I have talked to, Owl Pals have been nothing but helpful, nice, and all-around really amazing to work with! 

     After interviewing all of the Owl Pal sponsors, I had a moment of realization, they are always watching. The professors at our school are always watching. Seeing if you are active in the chat, on a webcam, following the community agreements, if you are helping people if they are struggling with a concept or having tech issues. They watch and notice these things because that is what it means to be a good leader, a kind person, and an Owl Pal! The Owl Pals are always looking for new people to join this club! They are all-inclusive and are strong advocates for the good ol’ saying, the more the merrier! 

     I really hope that after reading this article you learned a bit more about our school and the amazing people in it!  As I get older, I realize that we need more of these people in this world, that just want to make a difference. It was really a great experience to write this article about these great people with big hearts!!