Note tips for owl of us! 


Eylee Pennings, Staff Writer

Taking notes is not easy. Sometimes things can get unorganized, and that means  our notes will be harder to understand. There will never be someone who will just let you copy their notes, so it’s time you learned! Get out a notebook and pencil, you’re going to want to take some notes…on how to take notes. You will be a note taking master in no time!



Mapping is a great way to take notes. It is basically key points and a whole lot of arrows. It may not be your favorite way, but it is pretty helpful. It can be used for most subjects, but it is not ideal for math. 



This technique is good for observations and details. It is definitely used if you want to record many things. When using this technique, you want to have good descriptions. Don’t forget to title and label columns!


Cornell Notes

Cornell notes are good for words and definitions, questions and answers, and key topics and examples. It is used in all subjects and can be quite helpful.



The outline method is pretty simple. Just a main topic, a subtopic, and any supporting information. Outlines make your subjects clear and organized. This technique gives an easy and clean way to take notes. 


This method is good for structured subjects. It helps you focus on one box/topic while reading. It is a great and organized way to take notes, and is good for people who take notes on iPads!



 Taking notes can be  difficult, and it’s especially easy to get unorganized when you don’t know how to take them. Sometimes just a little bit of organization and structure can make writing notes easy! There are many different techniques and methods, but after reading this article, you’ll be set! Make life and school easier with some great notes!



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