Most popular sports around the globe

Beatrix Matthews, Staff Writer

Lots of people love football in the U.S, but what about the other countries? Do they like football? The most globally followed sport, is actually association football, or as we call it in the United States, soccer.


 Believe it or not, about half the population of the entire world follows association football. Although, it is more popular in the U.S, South America, and England than anywhere else. We don’t know exactly where it originated from, but historians believe that the Romans, Greeks, and Japanese could have been the first to play Association Football. However, it has changed quite a bit since the first time it was played. The more contemporary version, closer to the version we play today, originated in England, and later spread globally.


  Another popular sport, number 6 on the rank, is Table Tennis, more widely known as Ping Pong. Table Tennis, similarly to soccer, started in England. It now has an astonishing 875 million fans. It has a similar concept to Tennis, hence the name ‘Table Tennis.’ 


  Cricket, the second most popular sport, has 2.5 Billion fans, so about ¼ of the world’s population. Impressive! It is most widely followed in the UK and Commonwealth. It dates back to the 16th century, so ages ago! The goal of the game is to score more runs than your team’s opponents, although there are different ways on how to play cricket. 


 The iUniversity kids also like to play and watch sports! Below is a survey, taken by some iUp students. Interestingly enough, the results are pretty diverse in the count of favorite sport to watch, but in favorite sport to play, Soccer takes the lead, with Dance and Volleyball in a close second.