Creating the most dynamic and explosive offense in the NFL

On October 17th, the news broke that superstar running back Le’Veon Bell would be signing with the Kansas City Chiefs. This news shocked the NFL, as the Chiefs already have a great team. Adding Bell is like Thanos getting the last infinity stone in Avengers: Endgame. The Chiefs are now being called the Warriors(the NBA team that won 3 out of 4 titles a few years back) of the NFL. So how did this happen?


It all started when the New York Jets announced that they would be releasing Le’Veon Bell. When Bell played for the Steelers, he was a superstar running back, but he eventually left to join the Jets. After a short stay in New York, he was again a free agent. People immediately started making predictions of where he might end up. The Bears, Buccaneers, Browns, Seahawks, and Dolphins were among some candidates who showed some interest in him. However, the Chiefs believed that acquiring Bell could be the final piece to that powerhouse offense. With their starting running back being rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire, they wanted a star back with more experience to really pose a running threat. So, the defending Super Bowl champs offered him a one year, 1.69 million dollar contract, and he took it. He immediately went to Twitter, saying how thankful he was for the opportunity. 


So why did Le’Veon Bell take such a low paying contract? According to Sports Illustrated, Bell wanted to be a part of a team that he believed could win a Super Bowl this year, explaining why he would take the one-year deal. It also shows that he wants to help his team be successful and win a Super Bowl, but be willing not to get paid much in the scheme of the NFL these days. 


Some people believe this was the wrong move by the Chiefs, most notably Brett Favre. He said, “Well, they don’t need him. I don’t know Le’Veon personally. I don’t know what kind of guy he is. I do know what kind of player he has been, an incredible player. But they don’t need him.” He went on to say that the Chiefs are already a great team and don’t need a guy who could bring locker room cancer. He built this reputation because when he still played with the Steelers, he sat out the entire 2018 season because of a contract disagreement.


What does Le’Veon Bell bring to the table for the Chiefs? Well, we already know that he is incredibly skilled with his feet and has excellent elusiveness. He also has a nearly perfect mix of speed and size, meaning he can beat many defenders in a footrace and bully his way into the endzone. Behind the Chief’s big offensive line, Bell will have time for holes to open up and exploit them. Le’Veon truly does make the Chiefs the most dynamic and explosive offense in the NFL.



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