Come join us on Thursdays at 2:30

Are you a senior here at iUP? Are you looking for other seniors who are also stressing about the new world we are about to step into? Then come to the Senior Refresh Session to talk to  fellow seniors going through the same things. We relax and talk about all that we going on. We have leaders in Nyomi Nee(me) and Anastasia Mayes. We would love to have you stop in. We are always hoping to grow the club and make new friends. 

We meet every other week on Thursday at 2:30 in Ms. Holts Live Lesson room. We do activities to get your mind off the stress. We’ve played Jeopardy and Two Truths and a Lie. We also do check ins to see how your week was and if there is anything you want to bring up in the meeting. Our goal is to reach out to other seniors who just need to talk to other seniors. 

I can say that I have been at iUP for 3 years now and I thought I never had time to do the clubs but I can honestly say that I needed this. I never had others I knew in my grade let alone my class. I now have other students who are looking at college and studying the same things as I am who get what I’m stressing about.

So stop by and play a game or two with us. We promise it’s not a pride call or any regular club meeting. Come sit and really refresh. 

*Disclaimer* This is For SENIORS ONLY.