Fitness and Fun For All


The Active Fitness Club participates in many different healthy activities.

iUniversity Prep is a non-traditional public school that offers a variety of rigorous courses and opportunities that may be otherwise unavailable to traditional students. One area that iUniversity Prep falters in, however, is the existence of sports teams or traditional PE. Andres Betancur, Lucas Burch, and Wyler Bartschi- teachers at iUP, are determined to change the one fault. The Active Fitness Club is a weekly extracurricular organization that pushes the boundaries of perceived online education. The club participates in fun runs, bike riding, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, and team sports. Active Fitness is “for all people who enjoy moving outside- fitness and personal health comes from movement and getting outside the house.” The club sponsors work to encourage personal fitness through fun activities that build peer relationships and spark love for lifelong health. Mr. Betancur is a Spanish and PE instructor at iUniversity Prep, has completed an Ironman and loves endurance sports in general. He says, “I love talking to students who are active. It encourages me to become more active in my own life. I have noticed that the more active a person is, the healthier that person is.” Mr. Burch and Mr. Bartschi are also very active and enjoy a variety of physical activities. The Active Fitness Club is just another example of how iUniversity Prep works towards the achievement of the overall student, fostering healthy habits- in and out of the classroom- for a lifetime.