Thanks to iUP and similar virtual schools, students are still able to learn

Curtis Bamber, Staff Writer

    As the United States leads the world in coronavirus cases and is struggling to adapt to these unprecedented times, it is not the only country that is having problems. Today there are rising Covid-19 cases and a fear of the second wave in Europe. All this pressure on hospitals and people could have a massive impact on not just everyone that lives there, but the whole continent.

    Because of all the new cases, most of Europe is now in lockdown. The second wave of coronavirus could be devastating in many areas that were hurt badly during the first. As many people continue to fight this pandemic, the more the country will get affected by it.

    One of the most hard-hit countries was Italy. Italy was constantly in lockdown and was reporting record cases and deaths at the start of the pandemic. Eventually, the curve was flattening, and cases were dropping, but the virus had had a huge impact on the whole country. With the second wave of coronavirus coming, Italy could be even worse than what it was before.

    At iUniversity Prep, we have students who have close ties with these countries, students who have traveled or are currently living in Europe with rising cases, and lockdown restrictions are still able to work with a virtual experience. With more cases on the increase, more students are now working virtually. Schools like iUp already have systems in place so that our education is not interrupted but is keeping us safe while moving us forward at the same time.





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