Do you know which pies you should get this year? Look no further than here!


Tiffany Butler

Tiffany Butler

The holiday season is coming! Not only will the weather get cooler, so you can put on your comfy sweaters and drink some hot chocolate, but you get to eat a whole bunch of sweets. Especially on our closest holiday; Thanksgiving. When you think of Thanksgiving dinner, you think of a large oven-roasted turkey, some fresh dinner rolls that make the house smell welcoming, and of course the home-cooked side dishes of mashed potatoes and gravy and more. But, no Thanksgiving is set without a wonderful pie to satisfy your tastebuds. Wondering which pie you should pick this year? Look no further! Here are the top 3 pie flavors on the menu this year.


Pumpkin Pie: Of course… Halloween just passed, so we all know it’s pumpkin season.  Pumpkin Pie is usually made of a sweet graham cracker crust with a soft pumpkin filling, filled with the flavors of fall. Last year, 2019, Costco sold “2.1 million in the three days leading up to Thanksgiving (thedailymeal.com)” and “5.3 million pies (businessinsider.com)” total. Ladies in Gentleman, that is ONLY for pumpkin! That has got to be a record or something! 


Following pumpkin would have to be apple pie or pecan pie.


Apple pie: You can’t go wrong with a good apple pie. It has the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Not to mention pairing it with a nice large scoop of ice cream. This just makes my mouth water. Apple pie is usually made with a buttery golden crust and a flavorful filling of cinnamon apples. Just pure deliciousness. 


Pecan Pie: Pecans are just about falling out of the sky right now, because it is pecan season! From now until December is the perfect time to either make or pick up a delicious pecan pie. Pecan Pie is a golden buttery crust with a pecan and corn syrup baked filling. It has the perfect crunch to add to any occasion this holiday season.


Try out one or even all 3 of these pies, and I can guarantee, neither of them will disappoint!