How has Week 12 affected the playoffs?



Derrick Henry, who had 178 yards and 3 touchdowns on Sunday against the Colts

As the league is finishing Week 12, the penultimate week of the fantasy football regular season, AP AZ Beasts (A. Patel) remain as the #1 seed, though Coop’s Coup (A. Travis) is sneakily approaching the #1 spot. Only the top 4 will make it into the playoffs. Austin Travis is projected to finish the season out with the crown according to the final standing projections in the ESPN App, but don’t count out Anika Patel, as her team is capable of dropping over 200 points on any given Sunday. 


Currently the standings in the league are:


#1 AP AZ Beasts (10-2, Anika Patel)

#2 Coop’s Coup (9-3, Austin Travis)

#2 Rolex Flex (9-3, Nathan Travis) 

#4 Murray Christmas (8-4, Eashaan Patel)

#4 AJ’s All stars (8-4, AJ Wong)

#4 Team Ranvir (8-4, Ranvir Iyengar)

#4 Boston Minutemen (8-4, Ethan Lanier)

4 Mahomes Alone (8-4, Caeden Conley)

#9 Murray Up Offense (6-6, Shivam Patel)

#9 iUP’s Fire Bolts (6-6, Mr. Clarke and Daniel Sokoll)

#9 Texas A-Pea (6-6, Jack Messana)

#12 Taco Town (5-7, Max Nielsen)

#12 dfw cowboys (5-7, Dawson Baker)

#12 A Baker boy (5-7, Roman Caballero)

#15 FW Panthers (4-8, Landry Valadez)

#16 MEAN MACHINEZ (3-9, Fynn McGrory)

#17 Coach da Golden (0-12, Benjamin Jackson)

#17 Fish Fanatics (0-12, Alan Jones)


In this week of FF, Tyreek Hill(Taco Town) had an outstanding game, scoring 80.8 points with a stat line of 13 receptions, 269 yards, and 3 TDs. Derrick Henry(Coop’s Coup) also had a big game, as he scored over 50 points before halftime and had a total of 58 points. Antonio Gibson(Rolex Flex) shocked the league and ran (pun intended) up the score with 48.2 points. 


One notable matchup this week was Taco Town vs. Boston Minutemen. Taco Town racked up over 250 points, mainly from the help of Tyreek Hill and his 80 point game. To add on to that, he took down an 8-3 team, which could significantly impact the playoff picture. Mahomes Alone and Murray Christmas were in a close matchup, with Mahomes Alone taking the win after Juju Smith-Schuster gave him just enough points in Wednesday’s game between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Murray Christmas is in the playoffs as of now, but another loss in week 13 may very well put him out of the picture.