What impact does technology have on our lives?


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There has been loads of new technological advancements in the last few decades. Like Television, iPhones , Video games, virtual realities, transportation, etc., and these advancements will only continue to grow. So really, how does new technology affect our lives and others around us?

Smartphones, portable devices, and their benefits

Smartphones have impacted all of our lives in large ways and can be used for many things that benefit us. For example, the iPhone app, “maps”, can give you directions to a location, and even multiple different routes if you don’t like going a certain way. You can use this app when you’re riding your bike, walking, or driving. Then there are all the communication apps. With today’s technology we can contact people who live miles away from us. You can also download apps for entertainment purposes, like to watch movies. You can see people virtually, you can do work on your mobile device, and beneficial for online students, you can learn. As a result, these apps can be very helpful and beneficial.

Social media and entertainment apps

Yes, we have all heard of, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Tinder, and things like Discord. These apps can be very fun to communicate with friends, learning things, influencing others, and posting activities. But at the same time, this can have a strong negative effect on individuals. During CoronaVirus screen-time percentages have gone up by about 46% as well. These apps can become very addictive, and consume our lives before we know it!

Online students

As online students, having regulation and time management on devices is very important, because we can sit at our desks for hours a day, and on top of that, watching TV, playing video games, and scrolling on social media adds many hours. It’s important to have awareness of our electronic consumption on a daily basis.

As a result of all technology has its downsides and its benefits. Your usage and the way you choose to use this technology can be balanced and maintain a healthy amount of usage.