Why should you swim every single day?

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What is swimming?

Swimming is an individual or team racing aquatic sport, that takes place in a competition pool or open water. Swimming is a perfect sport that everyone can be part of at any time during the year. It holds no time and age barriers and is affordable too. So why should you do it? What’s the goal? How do you do it? ‘

Health benefits

      Total body workout

Water is 800 times more resistant than air, this resistance requires all of the muscles in your body to work, and engages all of the energy systems for a full-body workout, this helps you burn more calories in each session which can increase your metabolism.

     Improves your flexibility

When you are in the water, you’re stretching out your whole body with every stroke you take, when you swim you move your body in ways it doesn’t normally move. For example, if you do a flip turn in freestyle you could do more than 100 flips in a 2,000-yard workout. 

     Great Cardio

As a primarily aerobic activity swimming engages and strengthens your cardiovascular system. The difference between swimming and running or any other land-based cardio is that you are able to swim for longer periods of time. You can also swim every day since the water is low impact.

     Low impact

When you swim you don’t put a lot of pressure on your muscles like you would with other sports. Swimming has the most minimal impact on your body allowing you to do multiple reps and do this for a very long time while. However, including dryland workouts ( dry land is the term for land workouts geared for swimmers) is important to improve your performance. And if you can get to the pool then 1-2 dryland workouts a day can get you stronger. 

    Life-Long fitness 

As a total of the following benefits, swimming is one of the only sports or activities you can do every day, no matter if your young or old, or if you have a disability, if your pregnant, or if you have an injury. 

How does swimming benefit virtual students?

Students at iUPrep have an advantage to fitness, as we have the flexibility in our schedule to make time for swimming. We can go at any time of the day. Also because were not ‘in school’ and we don’t go to a campus, we do not have PE. So swimming is a great way to stay healthy when most hours of the day, we sit in front of our computer being stationary. 

    A little about me

As a swimmer myself, I highly recommend this sport. I have seen many improvements in my body and health. And also, in my opinion, I find swimming fun and in a way, relaxing. I like to challenge myself in the pool. And it’s something I enjoy doing in my free time. Also, you can come from another perspective and use swimming as a coping skill. In my opinion, I think swimming has so many benefits and of course I think this is the best sport. I highly recommend this to anyone!