Games to play with Family and Friends during the Holidays


Thanh-Xuân Nguyen, Staff Writer

Catch phrase

This game of quick wit and quick thinking will guarantee fun for the family during the holidays. With two teams sitting in an enclosed circle, a similar game of Pictionary and charades is played. However, instead of acting and drawing, words are used to describe the “chosen word”. A timer is used, keeping everyone’s attention, and points are counted on a small board.



This fun game brings laughter among not only the players but also the watchers. There are many different ways to play this game. From teams to wearing or not wearing socks or to simply just increasing the number of people, this game will guarantee you a good laugh. With a board with a needle to spin to choose colors and which body part and a sheet made from slippery material, players try to reach the called color with the called body part. This game will result in a convoluted mess but a fun and joyous memory will be remembered!



This renowned board game may be a bit challenging for younger kids, but pre-teens and up may enjoy this competitive game. By rolling 2 dice 3-8 people try to move along the board buying land. This fun yet tedious game may last up to five hours allowing for family and friends to bond and have an enjoyable evening.



These strategic games will pass time while allowing you to have a relaxed day with family and friends. Rules are different for both games but in the end, the player that has the last piece standing wins. This game allows you to have a laid back day with friends and family during the holidays with a mix of healthy competition.  



This board game is full of bumps and sorries! With its simple instructions, kids from six or seven can easily play, bringing joy to everyone. Four players are on each side of the board trying to get all their pieces around the whole board back to their “home base” by drawing cards. With three others playing it’s easy to bump into others and make them go back to start!